Donnelly Summer Undergraduate Student Program

Donnelly Summer Student Program brings students together across disciplines and highlights the multi-departmental research in our institute. 

Dr. Amy Caudy describing metabolic pathays in cells If you would like to gain lab experience in the Donnelly Centre, please contact a faculty member whose program fits your interests.

Our main summer event is a weekly “Sci-Pie” seminar, exclusively for undegraduate and visiting students in the Donnelly, in which faculty, post-docs, and current graduate students talk about their work and career paths.  These undergrad-focused talks provide a unique opportunity to learn and ask questions about both cutting-edge research and how to succeed in science.

In the past, Donnelly Centre has provided a unique inter-displinary training environment to both domestic and international students. Previous summer programs not only enabled undegrads to experience first-hand the great science being done in the Donnelly Centre, but they also fostered interaction between students from different labs.


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