Researchers in Wheeler Lab Use Tiny Microrobots to 'Scoop up,' Transport and Deliver Cell Material

Donnelly Centre researchers have demonstrated a novel and non-invasive way to manipulate cells through microrobotics. One method of cell manipulation – moving small particles from one place to another – is through optoelectronic tweezers (OET), which use light patterns to directly interact with the object of interest. But there are limitations to the force that can be applied and speed in which the cellular material can be manipulated.
Jul 9 / 2019

Patrick Scopa Wins New Employee Staff IMPACT Award

Financial administrator Patrick Scopa is the 2019 winner of the New Employee Staff IMPACT Award at the Faculty of Medicine.
Jun 30 / 2019

Airless Worms: New Hope Against Drug-Resistant Parasites

An illustration of a parasitic whipworm from an 1830 French zoology textbook (Wikimedia commons).
Jun 29 / 2019