Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research


Researchers Peer Inside the Mind of the Worm for Clues on How Memories Form

By studying worms, PhD student Daniel Merritt, pictured, aims to uncover the cells and molecules behind learning and memory (Photo
Feb 8 / 2019

Donnelly Researchers Win $9 Million to Develop Cancer Therapeutics, Diagnostic Tools

Professors Jason Moffat and Charlie Boone won $2.7 million from government and industry to develop technology for smart can
Feb 5 / 2019

Yeast Study Prompts Rethink of DNA Safekeeping

David Gallo, on the left, pictured with his PhD advisor, Professor Grant Brown, on the right, in his Donnelly Centre lab.
Feb 4 / 2019

Juline Poirson Wins Charles H. Best Fellowship

Juline Poirson won the Best Fellowship to study the breakdown of cancer proteins in cells.  
Jan 28 / 2019