Researchers Look for Clues in Big Data to Enlist Stem Cells for Brain Repair

Video of Repairing the Most Complex Network Of All
Mar 8 / 2018

Serge Gueroussov Wins Best Thesis Award in Molecular Genetics

Professors Ben Blencowe and Leah Cowen with Serge Gueroussov and Mrs. Barbara Vivash (from left to right).
Feb 27 / 2018

Dorrington Award Recognizes Graduate Research in Bioengineering, Genome Mapping and Transplantation

During exercise, most people don’t ponder about chemical processes playing out in their muscles, yet that’s all Mohsen Afshar can think about. A tissue engineer and tennis enthusiast, Afshar grows mini muscles in the dish that allow him to study how muscles form and work at a level of detail previously impossible.
Feb 21 / 2018

Meet Jiabao Liu, This Year’s Charles H. Best Fellow

Jiabao Liu likes a challenge. After graduating in pharmaceutical science with honours from Harbin University of Commerce, in north east China, Liu decided he wanted to get a PhD. But instead of casting a wide net by applying to several graduate schools, Liu applied to only one—Peking Union Medical College, the most prestigious of its kind in China.
Feb 5 / 2018
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