Donnelly Centre Graduate Student Association

The Donnelly Centre Graduate Student Association (DCGSA) aims to promote a building-wide student community.

As social restrictions are lifted following the pandemic, expect new and exciting events!

2021-2022 tentative events:

Beach party

In August 2021, we will throw a party at Woodbine beach! This will be the first in-person event after the pandemic started. Expect good vibes ;)

Day trips

Paint-balling, tree-top trekking, go karting, hiking, etc.

Weekly tea time

An energy boost during lab time. Drop by for tea, donuts, and international snacks.

Outdoor and/or online yoga classes

As part of a mental-health-focused series of events.

Open mic Donnelly

An opportunity to show off your talent. Prizes for winners.

Pub nights

Beer, food, and friends.

Donnelly Centre annual retreat

An annual 2-day retreat where all Donnelly trainees and faculties get together at a resort, usually in Niagara Falls, featuring a research symposium followed by a party.

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DCGSA Executive Committee

President – Jo Nguyen

Jo Nguyen sitting on pride coloured blanket on lawn









Vice President - Jason Tang

headshot of Jason Tang 








Treasurer – Carolina Chavez

portrait of Caroina Chavez wearing a red top










Events Coordinator - Bella Xu

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Administrator – Heta Lad

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Social representative – Selin Ozgur

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