Donnelly Centre Graduate Student Association

The Donnelly Centre provides an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment to pursue our research. The Donnelly Centre Graduate Student Association (DCGSA) brings together many of our graduate students from different research fields and aims to provide a space where students can meet to engage in open discussion and promote a building wide community.

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The DCGSA executive meets monthly, and elections are held every year in June. Those wishing to get involved with the executive or get more information are encouraged to get in touch with us at Follow us on Instagram!

In recent years the DCGSA has hosted events for The Donnelly community including monthly seminar series, an annual retreat and pub nights. All our events are promoted with posters by the elevators so keep an eye out!


Our seminar series:

1.    TechTalks

Informal trainee-organized seminars and discussions to foster collaboration within the Donnelly Centre via the exchange of expertise and equipment for technologies developed in the Donnelly labs.

If your lab has an interesting technology that you would like to share with the Donnelly community, please contact us:

2.    Student Seminars

A platform for students to present their research to the Donnelly community.

If you are a student in the CCBR and you’re interested in giving a talk in this series, please contact us:


Annual Donnelly Retreat

The annual retreat is held at a resort in Ontario for 2 days in early May. It features short talks by trainees, poster sessions, collaborative activities, and a dinner followed by a party.


DCGSA Executive Committee

President - Benjamin Piette

Vice President - Tajinder Ubhi

Treasurer - Adrine de Souza

Administrator - Kevin Wang

Social Rep - Owen Whitley


Donnelly Centre has trained graduates from the following departments:


Biomedical Communications

Biomedical Engineering

Cell & Systems Biology

Chemical Engineering


Computer Science


Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (IBBME)


Institute of Medical Science

Mechanical Engineering

Medical Biophysics

Molecular Genetics

Pharmaceutical Sciences


Rehabilitation Sciences